The Faxless Payday Loan Is In Place For A Reason

The enemy wins if the faxless payday loan rules are not followed

I think we all know who the enemy is at this point. No? It’s clear.

That’s right, the people who will do anything to get their hands on money and to terrorize our lives. These are who we are battling against here. Now, by following strict faxless payday loan protocol when it comes to your fast cash transfers, you will leave no paper trail that the lenders can follow and you will leave no trace of where you have been. This is simple, really. What it comes down to is who you trust. The Army or the network of lenders conspiring to take our country down. If you are not with the no faxing payday loan industry, then you are against all Americans. It really is as easy as that.

Think about it. All you need, in order to receive a faxless payday loan, are the following…

  • Pieces of identification. Valid, updated ones.
  • A job, so that you can pay the payday loan back (this is why the loan is termed as such in the first place, as it is meant to be a vehicle for you to carry with you until your forthcoming pay date). Period.
  • A fax machine. Just kidding. This is a faxless payday loan system. Just trying to keep you off guard. If the lenders catch you like that with your pants down, it can all be over. Just saying. Keep your head up.
  • A bank account. So no fax payday loan funds have somewhere to be deposited.
  • What did you think we did, send you envelopes full of money?

While we are sure you would like that, the confidentiality of the faxless payday loan business would be thwarted and would become a logistical nightmare if we were able to. Be a little realistic.