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Hey, sometimes you’re a little short!

It’s the truth! We all have financial trouble from time to time, whether you are a lowly solider or the U.S. Government. You know that trying to occupy an entire nation and protect the U.S. at the same time is hard work, right? The President thinks about it EVERY DAY. Don’t you dare think that the military is not on his mind. Point being, times are tight right now with rising petroleum prices and the like. It’s not like we occupy a country that produces oil or anything either. Sometimes you just need an instant bad credit loan when the money’s tight. You can pay the loan back when your next paycheck arrives. In the meantime you can get yourself an advance of up to $1,000. Just a quick bad credit loan to fix your car or buy body anything. Whatever you want. It’s YOUR CHOICE!


Get an instant bad credit loan today

Hey, it’s an instant system. Why wait around weeks or months for your loan to arrive when you get it today? Why wait for the Army to provide you with adequate protection or ammo in the war it sent you 5,000 miles away from home to wage for no apparent reason? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense… why you would not apply for an instant bad credit loan this minute, of course. It’s just so darn easy. There are not even any credit checks, background checks or forms you have to fax in. This is an easy online system!

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  • Provide your bank account numbers and proof of your employment.
  • Get up to $1,000, wire it to your brother back in the states, have him go to Wal-Mart and pick up an assault rifle, then ship it first class to Baghdad. It should get there in a few weeks and you’ll have money to spare, as well.

Foolproof. Hey, something ought to make sense in this crazy world. Learn more about how you can apply for, receive, and pay back an instant bad credit loan today. Explore the many pages of our site for insight and advice. Help is just moments away.